Which furniture to buy for small homes?

dreamstimefree_133379Owing to globalization, people are constantly migrating from one place to another making them invest in small spaces while sky rocketing price of real estate is just another major reason why many prefer small modular homes which suffice their needs. As easy as it is to manage a small house,  it is equally denting to decorate it. Considering the space constraint, if you don’t chose the apt furniture for your apartment, it will end up looking cluttered and messy or rather just an empty room. Hence, furnishing apartments can be a heinous task as you need to convert a limited space to a multi-utility living area.

Choosing the right furniture speaks a lot about your imagination and creativity and your home will be a combination of comfort, luxury, beauty, efficiency, function and style. Hence, Live In Joy gives you the following handy tips while you choose furniture for your apartment:

– The color of the walls make a lot of difference and change the appearance of a room. Light and bright colors make the room appear bigger and open as they are more reflective that help create the maximum effect created by natural light. Whereas darker colors absorb the light from the room making it look smaller. Make sure there is plenty of natural light flowing in your room, you will be amazed by the effect it creates in making the room look larger.

– Choose a piece of furniture that suits your style and taste and more importantly which is cozy. Believe it or not, but a cozy furniture does make your room appear bigger. While making your choice, always remember the more the floor area is visible, the more it makes the room appear bigger. You will have to use your imagination skills and visualize a mental picture of how they will look in your apartment.

Corner sofabed

Corner sofabed

– Your living room makes the first impression of your house, pay attention to not just the actual size but also the visual weight of the furniture. Usually heavy antic looking sofas and beds will add bulk to the room making it look small. You can opt for an L-shaped sofa that perfectly fits in the corner thus maximizing space. If you are living in a studio/room apartment or have someone sleep over frequently, the sofa bed is the best option that not only saves space but also adds to the comfort. Choose a coffee table that is of the right size and in proportion to your sofas.

– The most important aspect you need to consider while you chose the perfect furniture for your apartment is the size. A dining is the place you get together with your family after a long day at work, if you have a dining make sure it fits with the size of the area. Go for a 4 chair table rather than a 6 one when space is a constraint. There is no point in cramming the area with table only to accommodate the occasional guests.

– Your bedroom should be your place to rest and rejuvenate, there needs to ample space for you to walk around and feel lively with fresh air. Everyone wants to have a huge bed to sleep on, but wait a minute and think if it will really blend with your room size. Choose a bed that does not take up your entire bedroom floor and is not heavy but sleek and stylish. Always choose a bed with higher legs from the floor that add some floor visibility and make the room seem larger.



– When choosing furniture for an apartment, make sure you think about storage places. One of the best ways is to opt for furniture that has built in storage spaces like a coffee table with additional drawers; a bed with storage solutions; a chest of drawers that can be used as a side table.

At Live In Joy you will find a wide variety of furniture options that will suit your needs. We understand that with the space constraint, furniture should be well designed and compact at the same time. Many of the modern furniture designs at Live In Joy have a small “footprint” meaning they do not take up much of your floor space making your rooms appear bigger. We believe that apartments need to be attractive as well as functional to enhance the look of the small space and understand that smart furniture designs that utilize the space to the optimum are most apt for apartments.

Choosing the right furniture and planning space can be a tedious job and Live In Joy comes to your rescue with our space planning experts and help you visualize your room space better.


Not just this Valentine Day…

Add a little bit more romance to your bedroom forever


Timeless design, self-styled home with a twist and a clever mixture of classic and trendy. This is what makes your mind run wild with imagination when you step inside ‘Live In Joy’ to discover the unique but contemporary furniture designs that can provide a striking sense of balance to your home.

The whole experience of imagining a dream home best suited to your aesthetic senses, personal comfort and taste bud as you revel in luxury is guaranteed by Live in Joy. For instance, you are provided with bedroom sets that will make you feel your best when you wake  up in the morning. How?

Bed storage wardrobe-lizbonOur beds are equipped with storage options that afford you the possibility to avoid the hectic task of seeing your stuffs being scattered in the room or house. With space saving sliding door wardrobes, you can now arrange your stuffs in a more organized way. So why shop twice when you can have your own personalized bedrooms at one go? The bedroom sets are also easy to maintain, providing a sense of comfort cum elegance. Hence, home making will never ever be such an exquisite experience to live in joy.

Our materials designed to make your bedroom a long term experience are imported from Turkey, Malaysia and China, which is in itself, a guarantee for quality. Art connoisseurs believe that we don’t just invest in materials but for peace of mind. Don’t they say that we invest in relationship that has a rock solid foundation?

Make your Valentine special this season by gifting your loved one an experience in home making that will form the memory of love that will stay with each other for a very long time. Live in Joy take pride in sharing your dreams and gift of love as moments to cherish.